CAC Insurance Program

Insurance that’s tailored to protect your center and you

It takes many skills to run a CAC, but being knowledgeable about insurance usually doesn’t take center stage in your daily routine until a threat strikes. Here’s good news: now there’s specific protection available exclusively to CACs.

Before now, the challenge to CAC directors has been to assemble insurance policies with no coverage gaps, but with no overlaps that run up the cost of protection. Such solutions have involved a patchwork of policies from various providers who jump into action pointing fingers at one another instead of going to work immediately when threats occur.

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That all changed when CAC insurance was created by some of the most experienced minds in the insurance industry—one with over ten years experience insuring CACs and is a member of the NCAC training faculty, and another with many years of experience specializing in insuring nonprofits and childcare organizations nationwide. The result is a program that addresses all your needs and provides you with a single point of accountability whenever swift action is needed. With CAC insurance, you can have protection created by a team that fully understand your operation.

CAC insurance  takes advantage of the fact that CACs are responsibly and professionally run (lowering overall risk) and are available at competitive rates—or even better rates—than you may be paying now, even for the superior coverage you’ll receive.

CAC insurance is designed to meet the National Children’s Alliance Standards for Accreditation.