Fountain Parker Harbarger & Associates, provides in house safety and loss control consulting services. These services are provided to insurance clients of FPH Insurance for specific or extensive projects and also for non-insurance clients on a fee basis who need experts to review and control their needs.

  Some services offered but not limited to are:

  • 10 Hour Card OSHA Construction Outreach Training
  • Mailed/Emailed Weekly Safety Topics Directly To You
  • Safety Training Booklets, Videos, Interactive Cd’s and Posters
  • Industry Specific Safety Audits
  • Accident/Incident Investigation and Analysis
  • Claims Administration
  • Emergency Prepardness – Prepardness, Planning, Auditing, & Testing
  • Customized Program Development To Your Company (Safety, Fleet, Drug, etc.)
  • Supervisor Train The Trainer
  • OSHA Compliance
  • Mock OSHA Inspections
  • DOT – Driver Qualification Files
  • Qualified Discounts For Worker’s Compensation Premium (Drug Testing Programs)
  • Experience Mod Calculation/Forecasting
  • Access To Our Online Safety Library
  • Employee Handbook Development
  • Alabama Labor Law Posters
  • OSHA 300 Logs

We at Fountain Parker Harbarger & Associates appreciate the diversity of our clients and realize that requirements for technical services may vary from one client to another.  Therefore, we are more than happy to address your specific needs on a personal basis with additional services, materials, and information as needed. Our Safety Team can help you develop written programs for safety and compliance procedures that are targeted to the needs of your specific place of business. And we can provide hands-on implementation and employee training to bring you the highest possible return for your investment in these programs. We also offer safety program implementation and employee training to help you derive the greatest benefit from our consulting services.

Helping Keep Your Employees Safe

Additional Safety Resources

OSHA Interactive CD Covers

Disclaimer:   In an effort to educate you the client and provide a safer and healthier work environment, Fountain, Parker, Harbarger & Associates, LLC will provide safety related materials and audits.  This information is based upon needs supplied by customer personnel and/or conditions and practices observed at the time of visit to customer premise.  Any material or audits provided may not identify all unsafe conditions and practices.  Materials and audits are designed to assist the customer in the management of their own safety activities and should not be construed as legal advice.  The responsibility of making changes in the operations, procedures or for implementing any recommendations is the customer’s.  Safety information provided is strictly sample information and should not be implemented without customizing to address the specific needs of your company.  It is recommended that all policies developed as a result of using the enclosed material be reviewed by your legal advisors prior to implementation.  All warranties are hereby disclaimed and no liabilities are assumed to any party for damages that may arise from the use or reliance upon information supplied by Fountain, Parker, Harbarger & Associates, LLC it’s employees or agents.