The responsibilities of an employer seem to be getting more complex and demanding every day. Making a profit and meeting a payroll are only part of the whole picture. Among the many problems facing business owners is compliance with standards set by a long list of regulatory agencies.

Our Safety Team can help you understand your responsibilities and options in dealing with these organizations, so you can make your workplace safe. Our goal is to minimize your exposure to hazards that affect employees, property, and the surrounding environment. We can assist you with problems specific to DOT & OSHA requirements and many other government agency mandates.

As part of our service portfolio, we will perform audits of existing conditions in terms of safety and compliance and help you develop a strategy for addressing problem areas. We can provide general consulting to your safety/personnel committee. The FPH Safety team will provide regulatory information and assistance to you in our strategy to comply with federal, state, and local regulations.

We can help you enhance awareness and develop company-wide proactive responses in a variety of specialized areas.